The comprehensive upgrade and integration of PVC flooring may form market competitiveness

At present, with the continuous upgrading of floor materials, people are no longer limited to floor tiles. In addition to floors, PVC floors are gradually able to meet the needs of consumers for atmospheric health.

Full upgrade of PVC flooring to hit the market

PVC flooring is also called "lightweight floor material". It entered the Chinese market in the early 1980s. It is a new type of lightweight floor decoration material that is very popular in the world, especially in Europe, America and Asia, Japan and South Korea. Nowadays, with the development of society, the PVC market is also showing a fierce competition stage, especially under the promotion of e-commerce, this trend is spreading fiercely, and the PVC flooring industry will also face a key stage of transformation.

Nowadays, the PVC industry is facing a critical stage of upgrading. Intensifying structural adjustments and achieving intensive management are the major trends in the production and development of the PVC flooring industry. It is understood that although PVC flooring is a new product, it has been widely sought after in foreign markets because of its good quality performance and high cost performance. Once the majority of domestic consumers understand the advantages of this new material, they will surely start a purchase storm.
According to reports, after the large-scale integration of the PVC flooring industry, some new and impactful companies have come to the fore, and some backward companies that stick to the traditional sales model will face elimination. This is also the inevitable trend of the development of the times.

Testing technicians pointed out that the performance reliability of plastic flooring is the "life" of such products. From the perspective of formulation analysis, some formulation analysis should be improved to improve product performance. In this way, the service life of plastic flooring will be more and more. Long and lasting.

PVC flooring can also take a higher simulation route

The reporter saw in the market that the current PVC flooring has a rich variety of colors, but most of them follow the high simulation route, including imitation carpet textures, stone textures, wood flooring textures, etc. The textures are realistic and beautiful, and the colors are rich and gorgeous. At present, the most popular ones are imitation wood floors and imitation marble floors. The imitation wood texture has the fine texture and natural and fresh feeling of the wood floor. The more refined crafts even have the primitive and natural meaning of the antique wood floor; the imitation marble texture. It has the natural rich texture of natural stone, which is almost the same as the real wooden floor and marble in terms of visual effects and foot feeling.

In addition, because PVC material can be cut arbitrarily with a good utility knife, it breaks through the material limitation of ordinary flooring and can be spliced ​​with different colors of materials, so people can give full play to their creativity and meet the individual needs of different decoration styles. , To achieve the decorative effect that other floors are difficult to achieve, with personalized cutting and creativity, the living space will become more individual and artistic.

Post time: 05-06-21